Free technical education for girls in Bagmati Province

A cabinet meeting of the province has decided this week to provide scholarships to all the girl students studying technical subjects in community schools. Students who have passed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from community schools will be qualified for the scholarships, the cabinet decided.

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Bagmati’s Budget: Physical infrastructure, health and education major priorities

KATHMANDU, June 16: Bagmati Province has announced a budget of Rs 70.93 billion for the fiscal year 2022/23, which is Rs 13 billion more, compared to the province’s budget for the current fiscal year. Bagmati Province has allocated Rs 57.72 billion for the current fiscal year.

Bagmati government prioritizes agriculture, education and health in its budget

HETAUDA: The Bagmati Province government has given priority to agriculture, education and health sectors in its budget. The budget also includes a plan to set up a chemical fertilizer factory, hospital standardization, a kidney transplant service in Hetauda Hospital, and a science and technology university. The budget includes issues such as job creation, development plans […]

Bagmati Province Assembly meeting on August 17

MAKAWANPUR, August 16: The meeting of the Bagmati Province Assembly is scheduled to convene on August 17, Tuesday at 2.0pm, assistant spokesperson at the Province Assembly Secretariat, Sundar Panta, said.  According to Panta, the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee is taking place at 4.0pm today for setting the agenda of the Province Assembly session.   Assembly Speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha had, on July 12, postponed the meeting for an indefinite period after the Assembly passed two bills on that day. The July 12 meeting had endorsed a bill on higher education and a bill on tourism.

Bagmati Province Government emphasizes prevention and treatment of COVID-19

MAKWANPUR, June 7: Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of the Bagmati Province, Kailash Prasad Dhungel, has reaffirmed his commitment to prioritize prevention and control of COVID-19 and to treat the infected ones in the new budget, policy and programme.  Talking to Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) at his office today, Minister Dhungel shared that the policy and programme for new fiscal year 2021/22 to be presented within May 9 or 10 will introduce economic stimulus to COVID-19 patients and their families.  Furthermore, the provincial government will also underscore construction of physical infrastructures in all its 13 districts. A taskforce will be formed very soon for facilitation of COVID-19 test and treatment in 10 districts in the Province, shared Dhungel.  According to him, establishment of oxygen plants, upgradation of Hospitals with HDU, ventilators and ICU facilities among others are atop the agenda of the provincial government. The provincial government has also prioritized distribution of relief packages and economic stimulus to the COVID-19 patients with special focus on the impoverished and Dalit communities. The new plan and policies will also underscore national pride projects and quality enhancement of the education sector, he said. Plan and policies also include promotion of agriculture sector and making the province self-sufficient in dairy products and meat.  The new budget for the Province, estimated to be over Rs 54 billion, for the new fiscal year will be allocated impartially and proportionately as well as in respect of the sentiments of the opposition parties, he assured.

Bagmati province govt bringing high-education act - Khabarhub

HETAUDA: Bagmati Province government is going to bring the higher-education act immediately.

Bagmati province govt. bringing high-education act

BAGMATI, April 27: Bagmati Province government is going to bring high-education act immediately.  At a programme organised to handover the newly constructed building of Bhutandevi Secondary School at Hetauda sub-metropolitan city, Chief Minister of Bagmati province, Dormani Poudel, shared that province high-education act would be tabled in next meeting of Bagmati province assembly.   It is said that the act has incorporated the provision of establishing open-university as well as one university in each district.  He added, "Now there is no lack of any type of physical infrastructures like bench and desk. Quality of education should be increased in this situation." Saying nurses, health assistants and doctors would be produced through Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences in Hetauda, the Chief Minister said that they would provide support to run classes of Bachelors in engineering at Bhutandevi School.  Meanwhile, Hetauda sub-metropolitan city has decided to add Rs 7,440 monthly to the salary provided by the government to the teachers of Early Childhood Development Centre.  The government has been providing Rs 6,000 salary to teachers and assistant working at ECDC.  With the decision, the monthly salary of teachers and assistants working at ECDC has reached Rs 13,450. There are 95 teacher and assistants in ECDC in Hetauda metropolitan city.

No discrimination on budget allocation: CM Poudel

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province, Dormani Poudel, has said the government did not discriminate political parties in terms of allocation and use of budget in various districts of the province. The budget was utilized based on the policies and programmes of the current fiscal year, he made it clear. CM Poudel said it while furnishing response to a query by lawmaker Shalikram Jammakattel in the meeting of the province assembly on Wednesday. He further said government was not influenced by any political interest but spending budget in line with economic standard.  Poudel further said Rs 5 million was provided to the Madan Bhandari Foundation as per economic standard. "Necessary preparations were made for the operation of electric bus.  The bus routes would be finalized after the suggestion from the technical experts," he informed the meeting, adding that tender notice was issued to purchase 30 electric buses for the first phase to be operated from Makwanpur to federal capital Kathmandu and in Hetauda city too.  According to him, Nepal Electricity Authority had already issued tender notice to set up 50 charging stations in 10 cities including Kathmandu and along Tribhuvan Highway. The charging stations would be setup within some months. "Preparations were finalized to operate electric buses by coming July," he vowed.  Other priorities of province government, as the CM said, were upgrading of district hospital, creation of quota for doctors, establishment of modern laboratory, and of medical and technical universities for higher education. Lawmaker Jammakattel however argued that the ruling party needs to consult the opposition thoroughly on the process of launching electric buses.

Bagmati Province - The Kathmandu Post

The Kathmandu Post : Find the latest breaking news from Nepal, opinion & analysis on Nepali politics, business, culture & arts, sports, movies, food & travel, books, education, auto & more at

Bagmati Province - The Kathmandu Post

The Kathmandu Post : Find the latest breaking news from Nepal, opinion & analysis on Nepali politics, business, culture & arts, sports, movies, food & travel, books, education, auto & more at