Fugitive involved in Rhino poaching arrested

CHITWAN, May 23: A man on the run since being sentenced to jail after being found guilty of Rhino poaching has been arrested. Sagar Praja known as Birendra Singh, a resident of Kalika municipality in Chitwan was arrested by the Chitwan National Park authorities. He was arrested from Thulechaur of Ghansikuwa in Byas municipality-11 of Tanahu on Friday. Praja was sentenced to 15 years in jail and fined Rs. 100,000 after being found guilty of killing a male Rhino in the park four years ago. He had been on the run ever since. Praja was sentenced on three acts of Rhino poaching and smuggling, said the park information officer Lokendra Adhikari. The park authorities have so far arrested four fugitive involved in wildlife poaching this fiscal year.

सम्बन्धित सामग्री

Rhino poacher nabbed

Police have arrested a person for his alleged involvement in rhino poaching in the Chitwan National Park.

Rhino poacher sent to jail

CHITWAN, June 28: A person convicted of killing four rhinos in Chitwan National Park has been sent to jail. He is Rajman Thapa Magar alias Rajman Magar. Magar was imprisoned on Sunday after being convicted of the death of four rhinos due to poaching in the CNP in fiscal year 2020/21. The 30-year-old Magar from Gaindakot Municipality-3 of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta East) has been sent to jail, CNP Information Officer, Lokendra Adhikari, said. Magar was arrested with the help of local conservationists.  He was presented before the Nawalpur District Court and the court ordered him to be sent to jail.  Adhikari said legal action has been taken against 27 persons including Thapa this year on the charge of rhino poaching.

30 Rhinos die in 9 months

Altogether 30 Rhinos have died in Chitwan National Park and adjoining area in the nine months of the current fiscal year. Of them, 26 died of natural causes while four were killed by poachers. Lately, a Rhino was found dead on April 14, according to information officer of the Park, Lokendra Adhikari. Last fiscal year, 26 Rhinos had died, which is likely to increase this year with three more months left. Meanwhile, the park management has set up a committee to look into the reasons behind the death of Rhinos. Many Rhinos have also died due to fighting among themselves, getting trapped after falling in damp surface and attack by tigers. Dense population of Rhinos in the western region of the park is also believed to be a reason behind the rising death of the endangered animal due to unnatural causes. Complete data from the recent census will verify if there is a need for relocation of the Rhinos, said chief protection officer of the park, Ananath Baral. Poaching was nil last year, but increased this year. The park management is also working to check poaching of Rhinos, with few poachers arrested. The census held this year showed 694 Rhinos living in the park, an increasing from 605 in the previous census in 2015.